How to find all deleted sites in a WordPress multisite with Beyond Multisite?

Thanks to the Cleanup module of Beyond Multisite we can view a list of all the sites in a WordPress multisite, that are marked as deleted (they have the deleted attribute). To do this we will preview a site deletion task, but we will not execute it.

After you install and network activate the plugin, follow these steps:

  1. From the Network Admin Screen click on Dashboard -> Network Cleanup
  2. Scroll down to the Delete Sites section and set the form to these settings on the picture below:
    1. Set Attributes to Deleted
    2. Set Skip previously cancelled to No
    3. Set Deletion type to Permanent deletion
    4. Set Deletion time and cancellation to No cancellation. Execute now!
  3. Click Preview Site Deletion

View all sites marked as deleted

Now you see a list of all deleted sites in the WordPress multisite network.

List of deleted sites in a multisite

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