10. Captcha Module in Beyond Multisite

This module allows you to add a captcha to different WordPress forms. The user is asked to fill a text field with text visible in an image nearby, and only if the text is the correct one, the form is submitted successfully. The goal is to deny access to various spam bots that try to submit the forms.

Module Settings

To see the settings go the Beyond Multisite page in the Network Admin Screen and click on Show Settings in the Captcha box. To update the settings click the Update Settings button. These are the available settings:

  1. Character set – Select which characters to use in the captcha text: Numbers, Letters, or Numbers and letters.
  2. Character count – Select how many characters to use in the captcha: 3, 4, or 5.
  3. Captcha height – Select the height of the captcha image in pixels. It can be between 60 and 120 in increments of 10. The width is set automatically. On some forms the height and width would be automatically limited to the available space.
  4. Use text captcha on the login form – On the login page the image captcha is replaced with a text captcha. The goal is to reduce the server load by not generating an image file. It is useful if you have a very large amount of brute force attacks to the login form and you want to reduce the server load. The downside is that the text can be read by bots if they are specially made for this (but usually they are not).
  5. Display captcha on – Select on which forms to display the captcha. Put a tick on the checkbox you want to have the captcha on. The available options are:
    1. Login form
    2. Lost password form
    3. Reset password form
    4. User signup form
    5. Blog signup form (logged-out visitors)
    6. Blog signup form (logged-in users)
    7. Comment form (logged-out visitors)
    8. Comment form (logged-in users)
  6. Captcha preview – You can see how the captcha will look like with the current settings when you click the Update Preview button.
  7. Store images in the – You can choose to store the captcha images in the Uploads folder or the Plugin folder. It is useful to switch to the plugin folder in case a CDN affecting the uploads folder is causing a conflict.
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