2. Working with Modules in Beyond Multisite

After you activate the plugin, a new menu element named “Beyond Multisite” will appear in the main navigation of the Network Admin Screen. Click on this menu to open the Modules and Settings page of Beyond Multisite.

On this page you can see the names, descriptions, statuses, and settings of the eight modules of the plugin. Each module represents a main feature or a set of features of the plugin. Every module can be turned on or off and most of them have settings too.

Starting to use a module

By default you will be able to read the main features of each module, but if you click on a Quick Start link located in a given module box, you will see how to start using the module. Some modules create their own administration pages, some use already existing pages, and others only have settings.

Turning Modules On and Off

To turn off a module click on its Turn Off button, which is only visible when the module is turned on. To turn it on, use its Turn On button, which is only visible when the module is turned off.

Working with Module Settings

If a module has settings, you can see them by clicking on its Show Settings button, and you can hide them with the Hide Settings button. When the settings are visible you can change them and update them to save the changes with the Update Settings button.

Modules and Settings

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