14. Translating Beyond Multisite

Beyond Multisite is translatable using .po and .mo language files. To translate the plugin to your language follow the steps below. We are assuming that you already have installed the plugin and have the beyond-multisite plugin folder on your computer too.

  1. Download and install the free program Poedit.
  2. Open (with Poedit) the beyond-multisite.pot file located in the plugin folder beyond-multisite/languages.
  3. Click the Create new translation button located in the bottom of the screen.
  4. Choose the language you want to translate to and click OK.
  5. A table with two columns is displayed. In the first column are all the strings in English, and the second column is for the translated strings (which is currently empty). When you click on each row, the two bottom text fields are updated with the selected strings from the two columns. You have to enter a translation for each row in the bottom text field named Translation. If you see any of the following strings, you have to leave them unchanged in the translated version: %d, %s, %1$s, %2$s, %3$s, %4$s, and so on.
  6. When you finish translating some of the strings, click the Save button at the top, to create the .po and .mo files and save your progress. You have to name the file beyond-multisite-xx_YY.po, where instead of xx, you need to use the language code for your language, and instead of YY you need to use the country code for your country. For example for Spanish the file would be named beyond-multisite-es_ES.po. Click Save to create the .po and .mo files. The .mo file is created automatically along with the .po file by default.
  7. Continue translating all strings (or only the ones you want) and save your progress every few minutes with the Save button, so you do not lose data in case of computer failure or power outage.
  8. When you are ready, upload the beyond-multisite-xx_YY.po and beyond-multisite-xx_YY.mo files via an FTP client to your server in the /wp-content/languages/plugins/ folder.
  9. Navigate to the Settings General Screen of your main network site and change the language from the drop-down menu to the one you have translated the files to and click Save Changes.
  10. The steps taken so far should have translated everything except the site deletion notification email subject and text, and also the email users unsubscribe footer message. You can change these from the Cleanup module settings and the Email Users module settings.
  11. When you update the plugin to a new version, there might be new strings to translate. Follow the update instructions for those.

How to Change Some Strings But Still Use English?

If you want to change some strings and still use the English language, simply use translation files that translate to English and use them just like you would use any other language files.

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