How to bulk delete sites in a WordPress multisite with Beyond Multisite?

With Beyond Multisite and its Cleanup module we can easily bulk delete thousands of sites from the WordPress multisite network. They can be selected by various criteria like their ID, their attributes, when they were registered or updated, and so on. The deletion can be done now or to be scheduled in several days, during which time site administrators can cancel it.

To mass delete sites from the WordPress network, follow these steps:

  1. From the Network Admin Screen click on Dashboard -> Network Cleanup
  2. Scroll down to the Delete Sites section and choose all the deletion criteria and settings. To understand all the settings use the hints next to some fields or check in the documentation for this section. You can also contact me with questions.
  3. Click the Preview Site Deletion to see which sites will be affected and if everything looks good, click Execute Site Deletion! to delete the sites.

Bulk delete sites in a Multisite

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